How SpyBubble Works?

SpyBubble is special software, designed for cell phones, that allows you to monitor the activity of a certain smart phone. The product is as simple to use as it is easy to install. It can be used by:

  • Parents who wish to monitor the behaviour, contacts and whereabouts of their children,
  • Men and women who suspect their partners of infidelity;
  • Employers who suspect their employees of giving away confidential information regarding the company’s activity.

How Does It Work?

After purchasing SpyBubble, you have to download it on the smartphone you wish to track. You then need to create your logging in information, by setting a username and a password. You will need these credentials in order to log in to the website and monitor the activity of that particular smartphone.

The whole process is surprisingly simple. The spying software, already installed on the smart phone, will not let a single trace that could reveal its presence, such as logos, icons, messages, beeps, or anything else.

The entire activity of the cell phone is reported almost in real time, i.e. within a couple of minutes after the event occurs. In order to follow the activity of the respective smartphone, you only have to access the website of the system and to log in. The information is stored on the system for thirty days only, so it is important that you access it before time runs out.

How SpyBubble Works

What Activities Can Be Monitored?

As mentioned, SpyBubble is invisible, untraceable on the cell phone where it is installed, leaving no marks of its presence or activity. It reports almost everything that smartphone does, really accurate, like:

  • Phone calls – How many calls, placed or received, the time when they were made and their length; eventual names, associated with numbers in the contact list will also be displayed.
  • Text messages – Sent or received, to whom or from whom, even when they were already erased from the phone.
  • GPS location tracking – The location of the phone being monitored is determined exactly using Google Maps.
  • Phone book/stored contacts – Every contact stored in the memory of the monitored phone is displayed on the website.
  • Photographs – Not only can the photos stored in the phone’s memory be accessed, but the phone can also be ordered to take new photos and send them.
  • Ambient spying – The phone may be programmed to “listen” and to transmit the sounds that it captures.

As you can see, this is a lot of information, most of it of a sensitive nature, available to whoever uses this program, on the condition that the installation be made correctly and the phone be connected to the internet. The only downside to it would be that it is not compatible with all phone models.

What Smartphones Work with SpyBubble?

The software works with any of the following smartphone operation systems and, of course, with any new versions that may be released.

  • Android 1.0 and higher;
  • BlackBerry OS 4.2.1 and higher;
  • iPhone models 2G, 3G and 3GS, 4G, using iOS 2.x, 3.x and 4.x;
  • Symbian S60 3rd Edition, followed by feature Pack 1 and Pack 2, 5th Edition;
  • Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x.

With this in mind, before paying for SpyBubble and trying to install it on any phone, you should check the producer’s website and to make sure that it is compatible with the phone model that you wish to monitor and with the operating system that phone runs on.

Do not forget to make sure that the respective phone is connected to the internet – this way, you will have no problems using SpyBubble and finding out everything that interests you.